How to Use PC Builder to Build Your Custom Computer?

Building your own PC is a time-taking process but not anymore with our easy-to-use online PC builder. This tool helps you select all the crucial components for your computer like CPU, GPU, RAM, OS, Storage, etc., and then gives you an estimate on how much it would cost. It also walks you through the process of assembling them into a working computer.

To make the selection process simpler for you, the tool fetches the overall users' ratings for various options of each component with various compatibility filters (which is very important.) Let's see how you can build your custom PC in just a few steps using our tool.

PC Builder: How To Use? [Step-by-Step Guide]

Our PC builder tool UI is pretty straightforward to use. Just follow these steps to select individual components and build your PC

Click on "+ Choose (Component Name)" next to the component you wish to add.

How to use PC builder tool - Step 1
How to use PC builder tool - Step 2

Click on the "Add" button next to the CPU you selected to add to your component list and move to the next one.

After adding all the required components for your PC, look at the "Compatibility Issues" at the right sidebar

How to use PC builder tool - Step 3
How to use PC builder tool - Step 4

If there is no compatibility issue, you can buy all the added components at once by clicking on "Buy all at Once" option at the bottom or buy each one of them separately on Amazon using the buy option next to that component.

If you are not ready to buy instantly, you can save your build, using the "save as" button and then share the link with your friends and family for suggestions.

How to use PC builder tool - Step 5


Some remarkable features that make our PC builder tool unique and easy to use from others are

Shareable Link

Shareable Link

Our tool lets you save the build anonymously, without logging in. Enter the build name and its description for your reference and save changes. Copy the generated shareable link to share it anywhere.

Compatible Link

Compatibility Filter

As you enable the compatibility filter, the tool showcase you only those options in a particular component that are compatible with other components. This way, we ensure that components are compatible with each other for the optimal performance of your PC.

Filters for Various components

Filters for Various components

Depending upon the component you choose, the tool offers you various filters on the left sidebar to sort and filter your choices. You can narrow down options based on their price range, ratings, manufacturers, color, chipset, memory size and so on. With these filters, the selection process becomes more effortless and quick.